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Terms & Conditions
  1. All Projects will be completed by the company as per schedule mutually decided by the Chairman/Director of the company and Client.

  2. Payments will be made as per schedule mutually decided by the Company and the Client. No delay will be accepted in the payment schedule.

  3. Project will not be handed over to the Client till all dues have been cleared including additional penalty where ever applicable.

  4. In case Client does not collect his project on schedule date; the project will be handed over to the Client on the date decided by the Company. No excuses given by the Client regarding delayed collection of the project will be accepted.

  5. Additional charges will be levied for major modifications to the project.

  6. In case there is any query Company will send the details through Email to the Client. If there is no response from the Client the Company will be constrained to hand over the project as per pre decided schedule.